UTM Europe

UTM Europ is Holding The Drone's main company. The name says it all, UTM Europe is an  Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management, also known as a traffic manager for drones. This includes several aspects: registering pilots and their flights, planning flights, enforcing No-Fly zones and much more. 

Our system is developed in layers. First the most necessary features were created. From there on the system is build out to include more and more features.

Furthermore, we consider the acceptence of drones our number one priority. If people do not want drones flying over their house, then there will not be any package drones any time soon. It will take a long time for the drone industry to take off if society as a whole fears drones.

That is why we are also working on a platform where people can enter their preferences pertaining drones. Is a drone allowed to fly over your garden? May a drone make an emergency landing in your backyard? All these little preferences will be taken into account when our UTM is planning your flight.

In addition to to this, we are also working on a drone version of flightradar24. On this site anyone can look which drone is flying where. Imagine a drone with a camera is flying over your garden and you do not trust it. Then you can use droneradar24 to see the drone's 'licence plate' and possibly contact the pilot.